1-abc.net File Washer 5.00

Erase files completely so that they can never be recovered again! 1-abc.net File Washer makes all these programs useless! By deleting files with that program, you can switch between 9 different deleting methods, and all of them overwrite your old file before removing so the only thing that could ever be recovered will be senseless data.

By the way, one of these deleting procedures is the famous “Gutman Method”, that probably is one of the best ways to erase data by overwriting it 35 times - even many secret agencies and defence departments in the world do not use such complicated erasing features!
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38 votes Vote

Add drag and drop

Constantly using the two "Add" buttons is tedious and unnecessarily time consuming. Just give users the ability to drag and drop into the program the files they'd like to wipe.
RCZ, 27.07.2012, 07:08
17 votes Vote

know whether this software deletes files in the registry root also. if it is then it is fully dependable

raju, 27.07.2012, 09:22
15 votes Vote

if drag and drop down button is included, then it may be useful to have the files immediate for deletion

raju, 27.07.2012, 08:45
1 vote Vote

Include a backup facility just in case important files are deleted so that you can recover them. This could be a timed backup that auto deletes (the time specified by the user)

Whiterabbit-uk, 31.07.2012, 12:13
0 votes Vote

Add erasing for remote machines, please.

I will be useful for network administrators.
Behemot, 28.07.2012, 02:24